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FT Search Manager

The FT Search Manager is a 100% native Notes search engine that allows any user to search all of their favourite Lotus Notes databases (e.g. Email & Archives, Applications, File Systems etc) simultaneously, using standard Notes Full Text search queries.

The Search database can be used from either a Notes Client, Browser or Web Service, installed on a server, and/or replicated locally. The databases being searched can be located anywhere.

Search functionality can be fully integrated into the Notes Client (Mail Integration, Actions, Icons, Widgets etc) or your Applications & Web Sites via design integration, such as using frames/iframes.

You can search Lotus Notes Email & Archives, File Systems, Domain Indexes, Mail Journals, custom Notes Applications & Application Suites, Document Repositories, Websites, Portals, or Quickr, including all at the same time.

Results display the Search phrases in the context of the document (as per Web Search results), making it easy to locate the documents you want, and you can easily refine your results directly from the Result pages.

Archiver for Notes

For maximum application efficiency, redundant data should be archived. This increases the application usability, speed, and effectiveness, while still making older data available if required (and without IT intervention, e.g. restores). This also increases the efficiency of housekeeping procedures such as backups.

The entire process should be virtually transparent to Users via integration in the Production database, and as easy as possible for Administrators.

Provide these functions easily with the IONET Archiver for Lotus Notes Email, iNotes, Applications and IBM Quickr, supporting the Domino Messaging Server, Utility Server, and Enterprise Server.

This is a 100% native Notes archiving solution (including R9), fully integrated with the Notes Client and iNotes.

For example, as well as archiving according to your criteria, the Archiver can de-duplicate emails in Notes Mail files (typically up to 20%), automatically maintain Notes Database sizes at a set limit, and allow drag/drop manual Archiving. Attachments can be compressed while being archived (DAOS compatible), Stubs can be used to preserve doclinks and view/folder appearances, and users can search their Production and Archive data at the same time, from any database.

In fact, users don't even need to know that data is being archived at all.

The Archiver for Notes includes Profiles (handling archiving for multiple Directories, O/OU levels, Groups etc), Timing Functions (so you don't over-run your archiving window), Graphical Reporting, Full Mail Integration, Automatic Updates, plus a lot more.

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