Crossware Mail Signature Version 4 New Features Overview

Crossware Mail Signature Version 4 New Features Overview

Enhanced Interface

The configuration database is now simpler and has an enhanced streamlined interface. You can specify which settings that you want to display.

Signature Wizard

Our easy-to-use wizard will guide you through the creation of your signature by choosing from either a blank or existing template to start with.

In-line Image Support

You can insert images as in-line code rather than host images on a web server, making images appear to most clients without having to click ‘display images’.

Image Library

You can now upload images to the Crossware Mail Signature database so that any editor can insert images directly from the library.


There is now a layered structure that gives you the ability to create drafts, publish them and then archive when no longer needed.

Advanced HTML editor

You can now edit HTML versions of your signature and preview the end design. Rich text signatures will convert to HTML for full control of discrepancies.

Signature Ordering

Signature configurations can now be ordered to organise the superiority of signatures when a preferred signature needs to be appended over another.

Rule-based signatures

The selection of a signature can now be determined by a “rule”. This includes a new editor which allows non-developers to create highly complex rules.